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January 18, 2024

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#creative writing, Scriptwriting, Voice-over

We are hiring again, small team but we work hard and have fun too!

You should have experience with voice over work but also in writing fun creative stories, meant for peoples ears, not eyes.

We create stories about popular celebs, and turn them into fun Youtube videos.

Hiring for the position of a voice over artist who has experience with story telling and writing.

You need to have a very good confident, fun, speaking voice and love doing voice over work.

Our stories are meant for peoples ears not eyes, so you should be experienced in this type of writing.

We write stories about celebs like Taylor Swift, Tiger woods, and Will Smith. All stories are very fun and very creatively written so if this interests you, you should consider applying!

Please include a small short voice sample of something creative about a popular celebrity that you are interested in, maybe something recent that has put them in the news.
And feel free to give you opinion in this short sample, we always give our opinions in our stories, it makes it fun to listen to.

In the subject put "story telling for ears" in your application if you want to be considered.

Do not include any resumes or anything like that, only include the things listed above.

Always remember to follow directions.

also put in information about your computer/laptop, how much ram , how big the screen is, things like that that are important.


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June 17, 2024