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January 5, 2024

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Project Management

Background: I own and run a software agency. We have 8 clients, all based in Europe, and 8 developers, all based in the Philippines. We work with startups and SMEs and as their fully-outsourced software team - which means UI/UX design & full stack development.

Because our clients are based in Europe, they prefer communicating with people who are also based in Europe. So myself and my business partner currently do all of the product/project management **and** all of the client communications. But this is becoming unmanageable as our project list grows.

Currently our workload is...
1. Respond to ad hoc chat messages (slack, whatsapp, telegram) from clients when they message us.
2. Attend weekly meetings with clients (1 to 2x/week per client)
3. Attend standups with the dev team (1x/day)
4. Create low-fidelity wireframes in excalidraw/balsamiq, based on client conversations (which requires understanding their goals/workflows)
5. Do calls with our designer to hand off diagrams/talk through functionality to ensure they get what needs to happen.
6. Create simple "1/2 week Release Plans" for the dev team/s to work off, so they know what their goals are ate the beginning of the week.
7. Write and send weekly/bi-weekly client updates.

We would like to cut this workload down a lot. We're looking for a superstar project/product manager hybrid who can work very closely alongside us and take a lot of the product and project management work off of our hands.
The idea is that we will continue to communicate with the clients (items 1 and 2 on the list), but you will be closely following what's happening, and will undertake items 3 to 7.

The Most Important traits are as follows...
- **Extremely** conscientious - Because there are multiple projects, you'll need to be good at staying on top of things, keeping everything organized, and planning ahead (e.g removing blockers, scheduling meetings days in advance). I am personally not conscientious, so this is a big gap and imperative for us to get right.
- Strong **product sense** - You don't need to be great at UI/UX design, but you **do** need to have the ability to hear someone speak verbally about what they're envisioning, and visualize what that would like as web software (so that you can create wireframes and liaise with the UI designer).
- Very strong written and spoken english.

If you are interested, please send a Loom video introducing yourself and telling me why you're the right person for the job. If you have any relevant existing work (low-fi wireframes, release plans, client updates etc.), please also include these. This is a very well paid, full time role. So we're looking for someone who sees this as a long term partnership and is ready to become a part of our team.


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June 18, 2024