Virtual Assistant


$200.00 - $300.00



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I am looking for an experienced Virtual Assistant who is SMART, FAST and works hard.

MUST be experienced with Kajabi and website building/editing, video and podcast Upgrade to see actual infoSIRED experience in graphic design, PDF design, Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin business pages.

I am looking to add someone HARD WORKING, HONEST and DEDICATED to my TEAM as soon as possible!

MUST be technologically SAVVY and strong written and spoken English. We all work hard and move fast.

There are strict deadlines for everything. So this is a GREAT job with PLENTY of work available, but you must be willing to
commit and go all-in 100%!

If this sounds like you, reply to this job post with your Skype ID and an inspirational quote that makes you happy.


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June 14, 2024