Virtual Assistant – Brand Researcher


$220.00 - $329.99



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About Us:
Hello! The team behind Natural Born Parenting. As pediatric-specialized chiropractors, we focus on assisting parents globally, especially when it comes to understanding child development. Through our social media channels, we address various parenting challenges. As we head into autumn, we're expanding our online initiatives to reach and assist even more parents. Our organic community is worldwide, built on reliable information and consistent parent education. A significant part of our journey involves partnering with brands that align with our core values, and we’re excited about our upcoming ebooks, online courses, and a comprehensive 0-36 months parenting membership site.

Role Overview:
We're on the hunt for a Research Virtual Assistant. Someone who’s got a knack for finding brands – be it toys, clothing, bikes, books, and beyond – that resonate with our ethos of ethics, nature, and overall well-being. We're looking at medium to large-sized brands that match our energy. The brands need to operate in the parenting, children, mother or family space. We are specifically looking for brands that we can collaborate with in creating paid online content for social media.


Brand Research:
Discover brands that sync with our ethos.
Prioritize those with a strong ethical and natural orientation.

List Compilation:
Create a detailed list of potential brands, noting down their unique offerings and alignment with our mission.
Ensure you get the contact details, especially the email of the social media manager.


Solid experience in research or related fields.
An understanding of parenting essentials and challenges.
Organized, with a keen attention to detail.
Knowledge of current trends in ethical, nature-driven brands would be a plus.


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June 17, 2024