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I am looking for a virtual assistant who can write, is knowledgeable on WordPress and Facebook meta suite, and is willing to multi-task. Other tasks will include responding to comments on social media and creating and scheduling content for social media. Etc.

Zero tolerance for being late or absent in the first 90 days. If so, for any reason, without 48 hours of contacting us, you will be terminated. If you have issues with not finding a babysitter or a history of family emergencies, do not apply.

We are a serious company committed to excellence and high standards. You must work hard and be willing to learn. If not, this isn't for you. You can not be lazy. This isn't easy, but the reward is great. Don't apply if you're unwilling to work hard and show up daily. This is a long-term position with room for growth.


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June 15, 2024