English Teaching from HOME! (stable income)


$700.00 - $900.00



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We’ve been looking for a Filipino teacher who can teach English to Japanese.

Raining the status of Filipino teachers in the marketplace by becoming skilled at teaching.

Why Should You Work with Us?
- NO experiences needed! Experience is welcome, but it’s not required. To get you started, we provide detailed training . ( 7~10 days )
- If you're kind, patient, and compassionate, that's all it takes for this job.
- Are you interested in Japan? Even better! Since we teach only Japanese students.
- This is a home-based job so you get to spend more time at home. NO need to commute and NO need to pay for transportation.
- You have the potential to make 25k/m.
( WARNING: this is NOT a PART TIME job )

How will you be paid?
- Your pay will be fixed at 25k a month as long as you work more than 70h in every 15 days.

( WARNING: this is NOT a PART TIME job )

What if you are not getting booked enough?
- As your employer, my job is to provide you with a stable income. If you're stuggling to get booked, it can affect your earnings. Suffucient help will be provided so you can choose to work hard or work less.

Assessment test ONLY ( no interviews )
- We use an AI assessment test. Please take the test below following the step.
Step1. Please download LINE on pc or phone. ( line is the most used messaging app in Japan )
Step2. lin.ee/kUDCOOH ( please add me using this link and the assessment test will begin )

- Our training consists of 3 aspects ( 1. 10 sets of AI training 2. 30 Observation sessions 3. 10~15 demo sessions )
- After one AI training, you'll be asked to observe 3 lessons Yuji himself is teaching. Then only if you feel ready, you'll be asked to do a demo.

Schedule after your official employment starts
- If you're planning to start working full time, there are two options.
1. 7am-4pm japan time (=jst) ( we need MORE morning teachers )
2. 4pm-12am jst
( with 4~6 breaks in between. each break is 30min long )


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June 13, 2024