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Subject: Looking for Professional Full Time Virtual Assistant

My name is Mariel, Founder of TALMUD, we are a professional souvenir and gift supplier in China, we are looking for a reliable virtual assistant to collect potential customers from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Customs Data etc, and do the emails marketing.

You need to be:

1. Expert on Google research: You need to find the right customer website, contact person, email address, phone number etc.

2. Very good at English: You need to understand customers' businesses, and products quickly, also we need to make conferences every week or every month, you need to learn about our product first.

3. Good Learning skills: You need to learn new things fast, and be willing to take some pressure, and high skills of emails marketing.

4.At least 180 hours every month: Our time can be flexible, but you have to work at least 180 hours every month.

You can be:

Beginning stage:
Virtual assistance (Basic salary with USD 250/ month + Extra valuable reply subsidy with USD 3/company)

Second stage with two career directions:
1, Social media manager (Basic salary + 0.2% commission of the order, except the sample order)

2, Salesman (Basic salary + 0.2% commission of the order, except the sample order)

PS: we will use to track your working time and also your computer screen, your salary will be based on the total hours on the platform, work without tracking will have no salary.

If you think you are handle the work, please give me:

1. Detailed resume,
2. At least 2 minutes videos to introduce yourself,
3. Your English Level certificate.


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June 12, 2024