Full-Time Virtual Assistant for Copywriting


$300.00 - $400.00



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My name is Sofia, We are a professional industry material supplier and manufacturer in China, and we are looking for a reliable virtual assistant to write short copywriting.

1. Write a short writing according to the keywords I gave you, about 300-400 words;
2. Find news related to our industry and publish it on the website.

You need to be

1. Very good English? You need to write a short writing according to my requirements;
3. Good Learning skills: You need to learn new things fast, and be willing to take some pressure.
4. At least 150 hours monthly: Our time can be flexible, but you have to work at least 150 hours monthly. PS: We will use a time-doctor to track your working time and your computer screen, Your salary will be based on the total hours on the platform, and work without tracking will have no salary.


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June 12, 2024