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We are a mom and baby e-commerce business dedicated to providing high-quality, user-friendly, and beautifully designed products for parents and their little ones. We are seeking a Full-Time Virtual Assistant to support our growing Amazon and Shopify stores.

Job Description:
Inventory Manager:
- Forecast product demand.
- Manage product orders from our manufacturer.
- Coordinate product shipments to the US and Canada.
- Maintain optimal inventory levels.

Executive Assistant:
- Manage Shopify and Amazon stores.
- Add new products.
- Optimize product listings.
- Create shipping labels.
- Communicate with seller support.
- Assist in daily operations.

Social Media Manager:
- Create engaging social media content.
- Collaborate with influencers.
- Engage with our customer base.
- Preferred experience as a mom.

Job Requirements:
- Excellent written and verbal English communication skills (Required).
- Strong expertise in Amazon and Shopify (Required).
- Writing proficiency (product descriptions, ad copies, etc) is a plus.
- SEO and Keyword strategy understanding (Preferred).
- Basic Photoshop experience is a plus.
- Email marketing experience (Mailchimp, etc) is a plus.
- Customer service experience is a plus.

Job Perks:
- Flexible work hours.
- Flexible vacation policy.
- Potential for advancement and bonuses based on performance.

To Apply for the Job:
Change the subject line to "I Want to Work as a Full-Time Virtual Assistant."
At the top of your message, write 2-3 sentences explaining your interest and suitability.

Answer the following questions concisely:
a. Describe your experience using Shopify.
b. Describe your experience with Amazon Seller Central.
c. Describe your social media management experience.
d. Highlight your most relevant experience.
e. Share any other relevant qualifications.

Please follow the instructions and keep your application concise.
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June 12, 2024