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Please submit a video introduction of yourself - please feel free to mention why this role is for you and include your resume and portfolio (if applicable)
We are a successful award winning Renewable Energy Company in the South of the UK.
We have a London and Fareham Office also. We are one of the only Renewable Energy Showrooms in the UK, we are a training centre and have our own warehouse.
We also have a London based call centre.
We are looking to expand to a new company that will focus on the Sales and Marketing for all renewable technologies in the UK. Some of these have government funding.
This technologies include -
Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Solar Thermal, Underfloor Heating, Insulation, Battery Storage and more.
We are on a mission to become on of the biggest independent installation companies in the UK.
We want you to be a part of the mission and let's save the planet together!
With regards to this overseas part of the business, it is early days. So, we are looking for someone that is very flexible, entrepreneurial and can see the bigger picture.
We will be quickly looking to expand and will be paying great commissions as time goes on. We believe in sharing our success!
If you do not have all the skills needed then we can hire others to work in our team. The goal is to create a powerful inbound lead machine by any means necessary.
We want the starting salary to be your base and the sky is the limit!
We are not too formal but we are professional.
At the start we are looking to implement systems like our own CRM, Email Marketing Strategies, Social Media Marketing, Dedicated Tik Tok informational channel, Call Centre in PH and supporting the current business where needed.
The list is endless at the moment but that is where you inspiration and input will be needed. Let's design some systems that really work.
There will be some clerical work to start with but we will be working together on a open minded marketing strategies that are results driven.
Our team is around 27/29 people at the moment in the UK.
You will be the first overseas but we will be expanding the team quickly.
There is a chance to build something with us from the ground up and we are looking for that first shining star of the team.
Can you rise to this challenge???
You will need to have the following skills:
- Excellent Fluent English both written and verbally.
- Come from a Sales and Marketing background.
- Great Work Ethic and positive mental attitude.
- Proven work experience in Social Media, Video Editing, Sales Funnels, CRM Management, Email Marketing Campaigns or building successful teams (Specialist in at least one or more).
- Be able to work to GMT (UK) hours mainly but you can work from home!
- Have reliable internet connection with a back up
- Have a generator if the power cuts out
- Be Punctual and polite at all times.
- Able to research solutions online with strong problem solving skills
Technical Requirements:
Microsoft Office and G Suite Proficient
Proof of business, sales, marketing and building team is more important than qualifications but a degree will be a bonus!
Will need a good/great internet connection at least 25 Mbs, noise cancelling headphones and decent speed PC.
We will not look at your application id you do not submit a quick video and resume.
The interview will be conducted on Zoom and we cannot wait to meet you.
Let's go!


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June 15, 2024