Finance Virtual Assistant


$1,500.00 - $2,000.00



Start date:

End date:


Your responsibilities
-Track and Submit employee hours for payroll
-Provide Weekly Financial Reports
-Track and Pay Bills
-Track and Chase Accounts Receivable
-Maintain data between two cloud-based platforms (Salesforce and SaaS Optics)

Preferred skills to have:
-At least 3-4 years of related experience in Accounting, Bookkeeping, or Finance
-Experience or knowledge in the following software: Quickbooks, Google Workspace, Zapier, Asana, Salesforce, SaaS Optics
-Has at least a year of experience working on a graveyard shift

What’s in it for you?
-Paid Time Off
-Some Paid Filipino Holidays
-Up to $1,500 per month


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June 13, 2024