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Your primary responsibility will be to help maximize the CEO's time by doing essential duties that include managing and maintaining schedules, making travel arrangements, and preparing and organizing meetings amongst many other responsibilities that will evolve as Abra Kadabra progresses. You have an exceptional ability for anticipating the needs and preferences of the chief executive. This means you don’t need to rely on the leader's direction for every little step you need to make. You are never bored, as there are always a variety of clerical and administrative tasks that you can help with as well.
You filter the distractions that could turn the CEO into a reactive type who spends all day answering email instead of a leader who proactively sets the organization’s agenda.
You love that you get to interact with people every day and enjoy moving the needle on the most important initiatives and projects the executive is handling. This includes helping the CEO creatively support the internal and external team of individuals who interact with the executive.
With pride, you project a professional image, and you are friendly and courteous when dealing with internal and external clients alike.You perform more than administrative tasks as you are “right-hand person” who enables them to advance company initiatives and goals
You may support the CEO using a variety of communication tools such as phone, email, and text, to effectively communicate with staff and clients, schedule appointments and meetings, and perform additional internal office tasks as required.
You feel great satisfaction in helping our CEO and you understand your role is critical to the overall success of our company!
Key responsibilities:
Provide support to team members and decision making on behalf of CEO, keeping projects on track
Evaluates calls or other requests for meetings and information; prioritizes, and uses independent judgment to take action. (Interrupting work, channel issues to others, etc.)
Present requested KPI’s to the executive on a predetermined cadence
Execute vital tasks and communicate on behalf of the CEO during community outreach activities and initiatives
Answer and respond to phone calls, effectively communicate messages and information to the executive
Ensure that meetings begin on time with prep material delivered in advance
Create accountability and deadlines on meeting action items to ensure timely completion
Manage projects with vendors and facilitate communication to necessary team members
Manages CEO’s calendar; coordinates, arranges and confirms meetings; screens requests for appointments; makes and confirms travel arrangements; submits conference registration; arranges hotel and flight reservations; develops and completes itineraries, travel forms, etc.
Initiates, establishes, and communicates on behalf of the CEO-- when directed
Fully understand the executives style of communication
Occasional attendance of meetings with Executive
Perform necessary paperwork, forms, research, data collection, statistic compilation and document generation as necessary to complete special projects and initiatives
Create high quality reports, presentations, and spreadsheets


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June 12, 2024