Virtual Assistant/Content Manager For Podcast


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4 days


January 20, 2024

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email marketing, Social Media Content Creation, social media management

Looking to hire a virtual assistant to establish an inspiring podcast and do the following tasks:

1. Send 5 messages daily to artists, creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs to get interesting guests for podcast.
2. Post podcast content on multiple platforms.
3. Create a weekly list of 25 artists, entrepreneurs, and creators to message.
4. Send weekly email reports and attend weekly virtual meeting to assess progress.

To apply for the job:
1. Change the subject line to "I want to work for Ike."
2.At the top of the message, write the first sentence to introduce yourself. Write a second sentence to explain why you want the job. Write a third sentence to explain why you believe you would be a great fit for the role.


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June 7, 2024