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technical content writer, wordpress developer

About Us:

We're a web/cloud hosting providing specialising in web, email, VPS, domains, and anything 'cloud hosting' related. Our commitment extends beyond offering unparalleled hosting and cloud solutions; we're dedicated to enlightening our audience through informative and relevant content on our blog. As we expand our digital footprint, we’re enthusiastic to welcome team who embody our values and industry aspirations.

Position Overview:

We are scouting for a multi-skilled Technical Content Writer & WordPress Developer. Someone who can weave insightful articles, design complementary graphics, and harness the full potential of WordPress for our blog. Your triad of content and design will play a pivotal role in both enlightening our audience and enhancing our search engine dominance.

Key Responsibilities:

- You will have full access to our WordPress blog
- Research, write, and publish articles encompassing web hosting, VPS, cloud services, tech guides, Linux guides, and more.
- Conceptualise and design enthralling header graphics that amplify the narrative of each article.
- Dive deep into tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or similar SEO platforms, extracting high-impact keywords and curating content strategies around them.
- Custom develop, theme, or troubleshoot our WordPress blog, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.
- Work with and recommend additional SEO plugins for WordPress to bolster our SEO initiatives.
- Regularly refine content for SEO optimisation, accuracy, and relevance.
- Our Target Market is local to a specific country, which we will discuss and reveal during our interview.

Empowering Your Success with the Right Tools:

We recognise that the best person to determine the tools required for a job is the one doing it. Therefore, we commit to equipping you with the essential tools and subscriptions pivotal for this role. Your toolkit could include, but is not limited to:

- Comprehensive SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc.
- Advanced AI-based platforms such as ChatGPT or any other
- Premium copywriting aids and editors.
- Access to high-quality stock image and graphics repositories.
- Licensing for any necessary software that aids in content creation and optimisation.

Your expertise will guide us. If there's a specific tool, subscription, or resource you believe would be invaluable, we're not only open to it but eager to provide. We are dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need to excel.


- Solid experience as a technical writer, particularly in the realms of web hosting, VPS, domains and cloud/web hosting.
- Mastery over WordPress, inclusive of possible custom coding, theming, and troubleshooting capabilities.
- Robust knowledge of SEO principles and hands-on experience with SEO tools and plugins.
- Proven graphic design prowess, particularly in designing article headers that resonate with the content.
- Skill in technical topics in an approachable and engaging tone.
- Independent, meticulous, and unwaveringly deadline-committed.
- Fluent in English - this is a blog!

Mandatory Application Questions:

- Share a piece you've written about web hosting, VPS, or cloud services, and provide the header graphic you created for it.
- Detail a challenging situation you've encountered with a WordPress site and the steps you took to rectify it.
- Describe how you have integrated an SEO plugin or tool within WordPress to enhance a website’s search visibility.
- Given the constant innovations in web hosting, VPS, and cloud technologies, how do you maintain an edge in the ever-evolving industry?

This position is possibly open to more than 1 person and if so, you would collaborate on creating our blog.

If anything is unclear, please ask.


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June 17, 2024