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marketing specialist

Join our team, where your marketing creativity and strategic thinking will shape the ways we communicate with our audience.

We’re looking for someone who relishes being a “Swiss Army Knife” – using many different marketing skills in a single day will be the same – our marketing function will be your blank canvas to use email, voicemail, direct mail, blog posts, etc.
As our Marketing Specialist, you'll be the talent behind our multifaceted marketing campaigns, ensuring that our brand voice resonates across various platforms.

Your Role:

• Email Maestro/a: Craft compelling content for our newsletters, design them to perfection, and ensure they reach the right inboxes. Occasionally, you'll collaborate with talented third-party graphic designers to sprinkle some extra magic.

• Direct Mail Strategist: Dive deep into ZIP codes, curate target address lists with our mail vendor, and oversee the printing and postage intricacies. Your keen eye for design will also come into play, making those minor tweaks or collaborating with designers to ensure our mailers are irresistible.

• Voice & Text Campaigner: Curate phone lists, execute voicemail and texting campaigns, and collaborate with the team to get the perfect recordings. Your efforts will ensure our voice is heard, quite literally.

• PPC Analyst: Every two weeks, you'll dive into the world of Pay-Per-Click, analyzing metrics from our third-party vendor. Your insights will ensure every penny we spend is worth it, and occasionally, you'll tweak the ad content to maximize impact.

• Social Media Enthusiast: Weekly, you'll engage our audience on various platforms, measuring the pulse of our posts and pivoting strategies as needed.

• Content Creator: With a blend of existing content, team insights, and the assistance of ChatGPT, you'll breathe life into our blog and website.

• Data Analyst: Oversee our marketing dashboard, ensuring we're always in the know about our efforts' costs and impacts.

• Brand Guardian: Maintain our precious photo library and work with third-party vendors to ensure our brand aesthetics are always on point.

About the Company:
Roll-A-Shield is a small business in Arizona, USA that fabricates and installs rolling shutters for homes and businesses. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on a positive work environment in which we honor every employee and customer with dignity and respect. Excellence is our standard and we will invest in your learning and growth to ensure you can achieve that standard.


Manage and Execute Marketing Initiatives

- Email Marketing Campaigns (1-2 per month)
o Assemble / write content for basic newsletters
o Design simple email newsletters
o Work with 3rd-party graphic designers as needed
o Select and maintain clean email lists

- Direct Mail Campaigns (1-3 per month)
o Identify target ZIP codes and work with 3rd-party mail vendor to assemble target address lists.
o Manage costs related to postage and printing.
o Work with 3rd-party printer to make printing orders for direct mail campaigns.
o Make minor design changes and/or work with 3rd party designers to improve mailer effectiveness.

- Voicemail and Texting Campaigns (1-3 per quarter)
o Identify and clean target phone number lists.
o Manage execution of VM / Texting campaigns to target lists
o Work with team to secure recordings as needed

- Paid Ad / PPC Analysis (Bi-weekly)
o Analyze metrics/data from our 3rd-party PPC vendor to ensure we are maximizing our spending.
o Edit and add content/copy for ads if needed

- Social Media (Weekly)
o Make postings on various social media platforms
o Measure effectiveness of social media and change strategies as needed.

- Blog Content and Website Copy
o Using existing content, input, and ChatGPT, create new blog posts and new website pages.

- Marketing Dashboard Updating
o Maintain our tracking of marketing activities
o Conduct analysis on costs and impact of various marketing efforts

- Photo and Content Management
o Maintain our library of photos
o Work with 3rd party vendor to create and maintain logo kit / brand aesthetic standards.

Abilities / Skills
- Experience across range of marketing disciplines
- Interest in and proven ability to work on several projects at once.
- Ability to make small design changes using graphic design tools.
- Familiarity with Excel and data-driven analysis of marketing activities.
- Fluent in English
- Familiar with and experience in many or most of the following:
o Mailerlite or Mailchimp
o Wordpress
o Notion or Trello
o ChatGPT
o Microsoft Excel
o Microsoft Word
o Zoom
o Loom
- Organized work and proven ability to manage small projects.
- Extremely detail- and process-oriented

- Must be able to work during Arizona, USA business hours, which are Pacific Time March-October and Mountain Time October-March. Specifically, the hours would be 8am to 4pm M-F. For exceptional candidates, we can discuss a modified schedule to alleviate time zone differences.
- Must have a high-speed, reliable internet connection and a workspace conducive to concentration and professionalism.
- 7+ years of marketing experience across many of the disciplines required for this role.
- Bachelor’s degree or higher.


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June 13, 2024