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January 17, 2024

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dropshipping, Product Research, SEO

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They must have experience with product research and Ebay SEO

???? Job Opportunity: eBay Dropshipping Specialist ????

Are you an experienced eBay Dropshipping Specialist with a knack for product research and a deep understanding of eBay SEO? We're seeking a dynamic individual to join our team and take our dropshipping operations to new heights!


Conduct thorough product research to identify lucrative opportunities in the market.
Optimize eBay listings using effective SEO strategies to enhance visibility and drive sales.
Manage inventory levels and ensure timely order fulfillment through dropshipping suppliers.
Stay abreast of industry trends and implement strategies to stay ahead of the competition.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize the overall e-commerce experience.

Proven experience in eBay dropshipping with a successful track record.
Expertise in product research, identifying trending items, and assessing market demand.
In-depth knowledge of eBay SEO best practices and a history of improving listing visibility.
Strong analytical skills to interpret data and make informed business decisions.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills.


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June 8, 2024