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About Us: We are a dynamic and growing organization focused on land investing, private lending, and surplus funds recovery. Our founder values a balanced life and is seeking an Executive Assistant who can help manage key priorities including health, marriage, and businesses.

Role Overview: As an Executive Assistant, you will play a critical role in ensuring the founder's well-being and optimizing the efficiency of their personal and professional life. You will be responsible for coordinating and organizing tasks related to health, marriage, and businesses, enabling the founder to focus on strategic initiatives and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Health Priority:
- Coordinate doctor's appointments, manage medications, and organize exercise routines.
- Schedule therapy sessions and ensure emotional well-being appointments are met.
- Assist in planning and executing learning and personal development activities.

Marriage Priority:
- Manage the founder's calendar and schedule to accommodate quality time with their spouse.
- Coordinate and plan date nights, vacations, and other relationship-building activities.

Business Priority:
- Maintain a dynamic calendar to schedule business meetings, calls, and commitments.
- Assist in organizing documents, presentations, and reports related to land investing, private lending, and surplus funds recovery.
- Help manage communications and correspondence with business partners, clients, and stakeholders.

- Proven experience as an executive assistant or similar role with exceptional organizational skills.
- Ability to handle multiple priorities simultaneously and adapt to changing schedules.
- Excellent communication skills and the ability to liaise effectively with various stakeholders.
- Discretion and understanding of maintaining confidentiality regarding personal and professional matters.
- Strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
- Proficiency in using productivity tools and software for calendar management and communication.

Cultural Alignment: Our organization values empathy, adaptability, and collaboration. The ideal candidate should share these values and demonstrate a proactive attitude in supporting the founder's well-being and business endeavors.
If you are interested please do the following.

1. Do Not Email Me - This will immediately disqualify you
2. Instead, Please fill out this google form with the requested information about you
"ht tps : //fo rms . gle/myVbfpZW5EWpnDoH8"
3. In the google form above, When asked "What is the color of the moon?", please respond "fuchsia". This will let me know that you read the entire job post.
4. Once I review your information, I will send you an email to continue the interview process.
5. Please make sure you include your email and the link to your profile in the google form so that I can contact you and review your profile.

If you tell me the form doesn't work, then you are not meant to work for me. I just had 13 applicants in the last 5 minutes.


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June 15, 2024