Seeking Adobe Premiere Pro Expert (Motion Graphics, Basic 2D Animation)


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January 3, 2024

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2D Animation, Adobe Premiere pro, motion Graphics


* Seeking someone with good video editing skills and basic 2D motion graphic skills for long term work for a YouTube channel.

* Specific animation skills needed would include:
- Panning and Zooming around the screen
- Highlighting Text
- Taking existing Icons or Illustrations (e.g., from Icon Scout), and animating them onto and around the screen.

* You will be provided with an instructions / tutorial video that explains step-by-step how everything needs to be animated.


* Compensation will be on an hourly rate, starting at $5 USD/Hour; (currently ~277 PHP/Hour). The compensation rate will increase every 6 months as the video editor becomes more experienced and efficient with these projects.

* The timelines and hours required per week are flexible (within reason). There will be approximately 10 hours/week worth of work on most weeks, but no problem if you need to pause or reduce your hours for some time - we are flexible.

* We have enough work in the pipeline for at least 1 year, likely longer.


* Must be proficient in (and have the latest copy of) Adobe Premiere Pro CC - all of the projects will require using this software.


* When submitting your application, please include the following at the bottom of your application message. Applications that do not include this information will not be considered.

1. What version of Adobe Premiere Pro do you use?
2. What would you rate your skill level with Adobe Premiere Pro on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest skill).
3. Please provide a link to a folder (Google Drive / Dropbox / etc...) that has exactly 3 videos of your past work that showcase your most advanced skill level with either 2D Animation or motion graphics. The folder should NOT contain more than 3 videos.


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June 16, 2024