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December 30, 2023

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javascript, python, Zapier

Join Our Mission to Transform and Empower: A Unique Opportunity Awaits You!

Are you ready to be part of an innovative journey that combines financial success with positive social impact? We are an American Investment firm, distinguished by our commitment to acquiring traditional businesses that are not only financially robust but also socially responsible. Our vision extends beyond mere profit; we strive to amplify the social impact of these businesses.

At the core of our strategy is the introduction of process efficiency. We harness the power of automation and a suite of sophisticated software tools to revolutionize the way these businesses operate. The result? A dramatic improvement in financial performance that goes hand in hand with an increased societal contribution.

We're looking for a dynamic individual who is passionate about making a meaningful difference. By joining our team, you'll be at the forefront of a movement that redefines success in business. You'll have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of industries, apply innovative solutions, and see firsthand the positive change your work brings to communities and the world at large.

This is more than a job - it's a chance to be part of something bigger. Embrace this unique opportunity to grow professionally while contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future. Join us and be a part of this transformative effect!

Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled Automation Engineer to join our dynamic team and play a crucial role in our business process automation initiative. This position involves working closely with one of our founders, who is spearheading the automation efforts. The ideal candidate will be instrumental in creating and implementing automation solutions that streamline our business processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Develop and Implement Automation Solutions:
- Utilize existing tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, Asana, and other communication, file storage, and billing tools to create effective business process automation.
- Design and modify Google Sheets and Asana project templates to optimize workflow and increase efficiency.

2. Custom Automation Development:
- Apply coding skills in Python or JavaScript to develop more tailored and sophisticated automation solutions (coding skills are a bonus, not a requirement).

3. Collaboration and Problem-Solving:
- Work directly with one of the company founders to identify and resolve a variety of challenging and exciting business problems.
- Engage in collaborative problem-solving sessions, bringing innovative solutions to the table.

4. Continuous Improvement:
- Regularly evaluate automated processes and systems to identify areas for improvement or enhancement.

- Proven experience in using automation tools such as Zapier, Google Sheets, and Asana.
- Familiarity with coding in Python or JavaScript is highly desirable.
- Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively.
- Excellent communication and organizational skills.

What We Offer:

- A unique opportunity to work closely with company leadership on a pivotal project.
- A collaborative and innovative work environment.
- The chance to solve fun and challenging problems.
- A role in shaping the efficiency and future of our business operations.

Join us in our journey to revolutionize our business processes through automation. If you have a passion for efficiency, a knack for technology, and a collaborative spirit, we’d love to hear from you!


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