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Company Overview
We are a thriving medium-sized enterprise, privately-owned and at the forefront of managing multiple online assets. We're on the lookout for a talented Writer to join our fully remote team. If you're passionate about the art of crafting compelling content and have experience with AI writing software, we invite you to embark on a creative journey with us to contribute significantly to our content marketing strategy.

Position Overview
As a Writer, you will be the driving force behind our content creation efforts, playing a central role in refining our content marketing strategy. Your proficiency with AI tools like Jarvis/Jasper, Keyword Planner, and other research aids will be essential in generating engaging, industry-specific content tailored to resonate with specific target audiences.

Key Responsibilities
1. SEO and Conversion Optimization: Create content optimized for SEO and conversions to maximize our digital presence.
2. Search Intent and Subheadings: Understand the nuances of search intent and craft captivating subheadings to guide readers through the content seamlessly.
3. Concept Clarity: Simplify intricate concepts, breaking them down into easily digestible content for different audience levels.
4. ChatGPT Interaction: Effectively utilize ChatGPT, adept at identifying and rectifying inaccuracies and superfluous content in generated text.
5. Multimedia Integration: Determine when to incorporate non-textual formats like charts or videos to enhance content impact.
6. Resourceful Research: Employ your research skills to create thoughtful and engaging content sections.
7. General Knowledge: Possess a wide-ranging general knowledge base to grasp the fundamentals of various industries or concepts.
8. Tech Savvy: Be proficient in using tools like Surfer SEO, Ahrefs, Grammarly, etc., to ensure content quality.
9. Exceptional English: Demonstrate impeccable grammar, meticulous copyediting, fact-checking skills, and an eye for cohesive formatting.
10. Reliability: Deliver all assignments on time, showcasing unwavering dependability.
11. Ambitious Growth: Exhibit a drive for professional and personal development, recognizing the potential for future leadership roles.

- Proven experience in writing content.
- Expertise in SEO and content optimization.
- Strong understanding of search intent and subheading creation.
- Ability to simplify complex concepts for various audience levels.
- Familiarity with ChatGPT and the ability to refine its outputs.
- Aptitude for integrating multimedia content.
- Research acumen.
- Well-rounded general knowledge.
- Competence with Surfer SEO, Ahrefs, Grammarly, and related tools.
- Exceptional command of written and spoken English.
- Punctuality and reliability.
- A proactive mindset for professional and personal growth.

How to Apply
To apply for this exciting opportunity, please follow these steps:

1. Include samples of your three best-written pieces.
2. Apply on and attach your resume.
3. Indicate your availability to start.
4. Ensure you include the word "AWESOME!" in your response.
5. Explain why you're a great fit for this role.

Follow these instructions for your application to be considered. We currently have 2 openings and the most qualified applicants will be hired immediately.

Join our team and help shape the future of our content strategy as we continue to innovate and grow. We look forward to receiving your application!


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June 15, 2024