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monitoring engineer

Company Overview:
ReddWare is a high performance line of computer hardware built on the world famous Supermicro chassis.
ReddWare manufactures all hardware using ISO 9001 quality standards by leveraging Supermicro and it's global partner network manufacturing facilities. This ensures a consistent build quality and performance anywhere in the world. Currently, ReddWare has a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific, North America and emerging markets shares in Central & South America.
ReddWare also provides RAPID IOT software development services . Our ReddWatch software solutions includes device network health status of the entire surveillance system, independent of the VMS platform & recorder, sending useful alerts to both end-user and system certain circumstances, common issues can be solved autonomously, reducing down time and expensive on-site service. This drastically reduces the total cost of ownership.

Technical Skills Requirement:
Strong background in Linux (Ubuntu / Red Hat)
Network Monitoring experience with the use of SNMP , creating MIB files , Zabbix
Ability to program network switches and wireless radios through CLI
Experience with IOT devices e.g Surveillance cameras, IOT sensors
Advanced English

As a IOT network engineer you will be required to program IOT devices with network information configure switches as necessary, enable SNMP and work via MIB files or customize MIB files depending on the application. The engineer is also required to load Linux OS, install Zabbix and configure Zabbix Network monitoring tools on the monitoring must be willing to learn how to use, configure and troubleshoot many variations of CCTV IP cameras, Access Control panels, Network switches, Network radios . Responsibilities will also include configuring Windows SNMP on Servers, RAID controller card SNMP setup and system health for Supermicro and Dell equipment. ReddWare is looking for a candidate that will be technically competent and willing to grow with the company over the next few years. The candidate will also provide technical support for issues related to IOT devices and network monitoring.


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June 13, 2024