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We are seeking with a year of experienced as an Amazon Course Coach specializing in Online Arbitrage and Wholesale to join our community group chat and assist members in their product research endeavors. As a Course Coach, you will provide guidance, support, and expertise to help our members succeed in their Amazon selling ventures.

If you do not have ANY EXPERIENCE of this job, we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you to apply.

1. Provide Product Research Strategies: Share proven product research strategies and techniques to help members identify profitable products for sourcing. Offer guidance on analyzing sales rank, competition, pricing, and other relevant factors.
2. Answer Questions and Offer Support: Actively engage with community members by answering their questions, addressing concerns, and providing solutions. Offer personalized support to help troubleshoot challenges and provide actionable advice.
3. Stay Updated with Amazon Policies and Best Practices: Stay abreast of Amazon's policies, guidelines, and best practices related to Online Arbitrage and Wholesale. Share relevant updates and insights with community members to ensure compliance and maximize their selling potential.


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June 12, 2024