Virtual Assistant NEEDED (Experienced!) PAYS WELL!


$1,000.00 - $4,000.00



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Admin Assistant, virtual assistant

I am looking for an experienced Virtual Assistant to help with general administrative task management.

who is SMART, FAST and works hard.

I am looking to add someone HARD WORKING, HONEST and DEDICATED to the team as soon as possible!

Must be technologically SAVVY. We all work hard and move fast. There are strict deadlines. This is a GREAT job with PLENTY of work available, but you must be willing to commit and go all-in 100%!

Someone who is willing and has experience working during US business hours.

This is a PART-TIME opportunity, with a starting salary set at $6/hour. (But this can be FULL TIME for the right candidate)


If this sounds like you, follow the steps below thoroughly, like your future depends on it, because this could be the dream job you've been looking for ...

The opportunity for growth is here ... just show us your magic!


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June 12, 2024