Administrative Assistant & Customer Support


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3 days


January 14, 2024

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administrative management, customer service, Phone Support

1) Administrative Tasks of Sales Operations
Assist in ensuring that all sales order going through our system are recorded appropriately. Checking for errors and anomalies in the synching of the various systems into our ERP system.
Make corrections to the systems' record to ensure correct recording of these information in our ERP.
Liaising with various people for different department to obtain the right information to record in system
Running of reports to assist in proper running of operations

2) Order Delivery
Arranging daily delivery schedules for customer based on location routing
Calling or messaging customers to arrange for delivery
Liaising with transport and operations team to communicate order delivery schedules
Assisting customers with delivery questions & queries

Skillsets required:
1) Comfortable with systems, we are using Oracle Netsuite. Affinity to learn technology and able to adapt quickly
2) Meticulous with details, have experience dealing with administrative work that are tedious
3) Able to handle customers, provide customer service and assistance
4) Fluent in spoken and written English
5) Team player

Working hours:
For a start 4 hours per day, with possibility of increase to full time 8 hours/day.


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June 5, 2024