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Content Designer Required! (Experienced!)

I am looking for an experienced Content Designer who is SMART, FAST and works hard. I am looking to add someone VALUES DRIVEN, AUTHENTIC and CREATIVE to the TEAM as soon as possible!

You will be solely responsible for the design and branding of my business on the content I create on Instagram. I will come up with the ideas and words, you will be responsible for then designing the posts in a way that reflect the brand so I can then schedule and upload for posting.

Your role will entail
- understanding the brands niche, values and mission so you can consistently create content ideas that is related to the audience
- create carousels, short form reels, instagram posts
- audio editing (not essential)
- communicate the brands vibe through your designs and content
- create artistic designs and details that can be used across Instagram posts and create consistency in the brands message
- drafting moodboards and aesthetics for the branding
- creating the logo of the business

MUST be able to create NEW designs that are not template based and is authentic to the candidate's ideas and interpretations of the brand

There is room for your creativity to be shown as you will have almost full control over the graphics, designs and layout of the Instagram platform, so if you are looking for a role you can experiment and work collaboratively, then this is for you!

You will be responsible for working alongside me to post 2 - 3 pieces of content per day for the next six weeks with availability to extend. This roles hours will also increase to 20+ over time

This is a GREAT job with PLENTY of work available, but you must be willing to commit and go all-in 100%!

ASAP Start

If this sounds like you, reply to this job post with two things

- something you are grateful for today
- why you are a good suit for this role

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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June 14, 2024