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E-commerce, video editor

Are you a Video Editor who knows how to use Premier Pro Read here ??
Are you looking for a steady job that will allow you to grow Earn Very Well and Have Bonuses for your work?

My name is Mon,

I have some brands in E-Commerce and I want to add new video editors to my team.

What kind of videos are they?

I need video creativity for facebook and instagram ads, they have a length of 1-3 minutes and are needed to convert paid facebook traffic.

What I am looking for:

- Adobe Premier Pro Skills.
- Knowledge of copywriting and DR Marketing.
- Knowledge of Photoshop and graphics tools
- Knowledge of Ai tools for video editing.
- High level of spoken English
- Organization and Punctuality in meeting deliverables
- Willingness to earn more with dedication

What I offer:

- Part time work 4hours per day
- Free Training for Marketing and Copywriting
- Earn Growing and with Succulent Bonuses
- Pay of approximately $150 per week
- Weekly Payments
- Initial Support and Opportunity to Space with Creativity

Send me your application now and join my team.

Emails we receive without your portfolio of work will be discarded.

If you are u ambitious video editor, don't hesitate and reply with your application.
I hope to see you soon, Hugs


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June 14, 2024