Graphic Designer and Video Editing to Manage Amazon store


$1,000.00 - $2,000.00



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Our company has been established for 8 years, specializing in the development and marketing of uniquely designed products for the American market. We are seeking a skilled Graphic Designer to join our team and take charge of managing our online store on Amazon.

-Design visually appealing images for online marketing purposes.
-Develop new product concepts rooted in creative designs.
-Edit and produce product videos.
-Prepare promotional images/videos for products.
-Provide excellent customer service through messages.
-Manage order fulfillment and shipping to customers.
-Oversee the operation of the online store.

-Experience as a Graphic Designer
-Knowledge and experience in designing images for online marketing.
-Experience with video editing.
-Creativity and ability to develop new product ideas based on designs.
-Strong attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics.
-Excellent communication skills.
-Ability to manage customer inquiries and ensure customer satisfaction.
-Familiarity with Amazon's online selling platform or other platform

Position Details:
-Part-time position: 4 hours per day.


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June 14, 2024