Video Editor for Dropshipping Product Videos


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10 days


January 11, 2024

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Adobe Premiere pro, canva, translation

Hello talented video editors! We're on the lookout for a creative mind to join our team. If you have experience with Adobe Premiere and Canva, and you're passionate about transforming product videos for dropshipping, we want to hear from you!


- Edit dropshipping product videos using Adobe Premiere and Canva.
- Translate and add text to speech using text-to-voice apps for multi-language audiences.
- Incorporate stock videos to enhance and diversify content.
- Create additional creatives inspired by the original product video to boost engagement.


- Proven experience in video editing, particularly with dropshipping product videos.
- Proficiency in Adobe Premiere and Canva.
- Familiarity with text-to-voice applications for adding voiceovers.
- Strong creative skills to enhance video content.
- Ability to work with translated content for a global audience.


- A portfolio showcasing previous dropshipping product video editing projects.
- Excellent communication skills for collaborative work.
- Attention to detail and a keen eye for visual aesthetics.
- Capacity to work with tight deadlines in a dynamic environment.

Join us in creating captivating dropshipping product videos that make an impact!


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June 5, 2024