Virtual Assistant With Basic To Intermediate Graphic / Video Editing Skills


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virtual assistant

We are looking for a Virtual Assistant that is familiar with social media platforms and has basic to intermediate graphic / video editing skills to take over a portion of our current workload in a full-time position.


--> Creating social media posts from existing content. (Mostly using Canva to crop images to proper sizes for the different social platforms.)
--> Pulling images from videos using VideoProc Convertor. We will provide you with a license so you can download it on your computer. This process is very easy, only a few clicks.
--> Adding watermarks to images using Canva.
--> Editing long (20-30+ mins) videos into multiple shorter (1-10 mins) videos. This requires you to actually watch the content provided and think about how to make sensible short videos that follow some sort of theme. Must be able to add transitions, watermarks and pre-made ads to the videos per our instructions. (We use Filmora currently, but are fine with you using whatever video editing software you're most efficient with.)
--> Uploading content to social media platforms.
--> Scheduling social media content in Sendible. All captions, media and schedule cadences will be provided.
--> Logging all content made in Google Sheets. Requires you to follow strict file naming conventions to ensure everything you make is as organized and easily accessible as possible.
--> Other miscellaneous admin tasks as they come up.


--> Someone who's passionate about what they do.
--> Someone who's very interested in internet marketing and wants to ultimately learn more about social media, digital marketing, advertising, etc. by working with a team that has been doing this stuff for years.
--> Someone who's very detail-oriented and organized. If it doesn't bother you when things are unorganized, then this job probably isn't for you.

BONUS: If you can create TikTok-style content with nice caption and emoji overlays, smooth cuts / transitions, etc. that would be best for us!

If this job sounds like something you'd be really good at, please apply and we will reach out with more information to determine if we're a good fit or not.

Have a fantastic rest of your day and we look forward to hearing from you!


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June 17, 2024