Virtual Assistant (HR Manager, Interview Specialist)


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11 days


January 20, 2024

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Location: Remote
Hours: 3-5 hours per day
Starter Salary: $300 - $500 per month
Salary increase possible based on performance and commitment


Conduct Virtual Interviews with job applicants
Challenge and assess applicants effectively


Fluency in English at a native or near-native level is essential (English with a British or American accent)
Exceptional verbal communication skills with clear pronunciation, articulation, and a professional tone
Prior HR or Interview experience is preferred
Work approximately 3-5 hours per day, depending on the Interview schedule and workload
Reliable and high-speed internet connection
Ability to maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality throughout the hiring process
Comfortable with virtual communication tools and platforms for conducting remote Interviews (Zoom)

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June 17, 2024