Full Time Developer PHP, MYSQL


$5.00 - $10.00


90 days


Start date:

July 10, 2024

End date:


I am looking for a 2 full time developers - one senior, one junior - to take over development of a SaaS. The majority of the code is currently written in PHP. The successful candidates will continue development of the software and provide as-needed technical support for the live system.

The system uses embedded Audio/video, our own private Certificate Authoriy, ID authentication with biometrics via a third party API, MFA, CRM integration with invoicing, and document management.

You will taking over completely from a dev team that has spent 2 years developing the system, but has not been able to complete it. Their code is buggy, poorly designed, and incomplete. We have to use it, because it is a live system. We will eventually migrate it to a better design.

Senior dev must have a minimum of 5 years experience with a proven track record in the technologies required. Senior will manage the activities and assignments of the junior developer.

Both dev will need to work on my schedule - Eastern Time, U.S.

This is a full-time, long-term position. Please send CV and salary req.


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July 7, 2024